Indulge in Authentic Flavors

You can truly indulge in the authentic and mouthwatering flavors of Italian-American cuisine. The moment you step through the doors of this iconic sandwich shop in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood, you’re transported to a world of culinary delight that’s been perfected over a century. Every bite is a testament to the unwavering commitment to preserving the rich Italian-American heritage, dating back to the inception in 1922.

One of the standout items that epitomizes this commitment is the renowned Nicky Special. This colossal hero sandwich is a symphony of tastes and textures, featuring premium capocollo, salami, ham, fried eggplant, provolone, marinated mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and the signature “hot salad.” The harmonious blend of salty, sweet, spicy, and crunchy elements in this sandwich is an experience that lingers on the taste buds, leaving you with an indelible memory of genuine Italian-American flavors. And that’s just one of the many options that grace the extensive menu.

Premium Ingredient Sourcing

What truly sets Defonte’s apart is its unwavering commitment to sourcing premium ingredients. Each component of the sandwiches is carefully selected to ensure top-notch quality and exceptional taste. From the thinly sliced, crispy-fried eggplant to the savory marinated mushrooms and rich provolone, the attention to detail in ingredient sourcing is evident in every bite.

The roast pork special, a hot hero featuring marinated pork, broccoli rabe, fried eggplant, provolone, and gravy, is a prime example of this dedication to premium ingredients. The garlicky rabe provides a delightful crunch, while the creamy and rich combination of eggplant and pork evokes the essence of a home-cooked Italian meal. It’s a testament to Defonte’s commitment to serving nothing but the finest in every sandwich the store offer.

Let’s Try Defonte’s Menu

When it comes to experiencing the culinary wonders of Defonte’s, there’s no better time than now to dive into the diverse and mouthwatering menu. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a first-time visitor, there’s something for everyone to savor at this Brooklyn institution. With options ranging from classic Italian hero sandwiches to more innovative creations like the vegetarian Valentino Special, there’s no shortage of choices to tantalize your taste buds.